Intruder Alarms

Wired Intruder Alarms

In residential bungalows and most commercial premises a wired system can be a more cost effective solution. Whether you require basic detection or a comprehensive system design, a wired system will always provide an answer. At Angus Alarms and Security, we have a variety of systems to suit your needs capable of connecting anywhere between six and to five hundred alarm zones.

Wireless Intruder Alarms

Don't want wires? No problem. With our wireless solution you can connect door contacts, motion detectors and even your outside sounder without any cables. It is feature packed with it's secure FM technology, up to thirty two alarm devices and wireless key fobs, an integrated two way device control system and an built-in signal strength indicator, it's sure to offer everything you require.

Pets at Home?


If you have put off protecting your home because of a pet, there is no need to. With both our wired and wireless systems we can provide pet immune technology. Whether you want to secure one area at night where your pet sleeps or give them the free roam of the house, our pet detection allows you to feel secure whilst you sleep.

Often Intruder Alarms are the primary security measure in both your home and your business. Having the correct design is critical to alerting others and the safety of your property.

With Angus Alarms & Security, we pride ourselves in having a variety of systems that meet all of your requirements and budget; all of our systems are time proven manufacturers within the industry giving you the confidence that your new system will be reliable.

Want more than an outside sounder? Why not have your system connected so you get notified - with no additional annual monitoring charge your system can send you an SMS or voice message. Then add CCTV to dial in and check!

Total Control using Home Control+

Available in both wireless and wired systems

Want complete control of your alarm? Check out the new Home Control+ feature in the video below - The home control panel is no more expensive than the standard control panel - all you need is the additional adapter to connect the system to either your WiFi, local internet router or even a mobile GPRS sim card!

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A comprehensive system design